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Scheduled orders

We appreciate the opportunity to bid on your shortage and spot buys, but we can also help save you money on scheduled orders. Empire Components Inc. has a legally registered company in New York, Dublin, and Hong Kong. We also have a certified business license and registration number to prove it. Take advantage of our experienced sales and purchasing staffs that are dedicated to getting you the best possible prices. With offices in all 3 major regions (America, Europe and Asia) we provide our customers  direct access to the most competitive prices available from franchise distribution worldwide. Our main focus is to help you reduce costs and save money on franchise stock, but we can also save you time and money on shipping from all 3 locations. Empire currently works with OEM’s, contract manufacturers and fortune 500 companies worldwide to help them reduce costs on daily requirements and scheduled orders. We have developed a global database of franchise stock, which tracks the best market prices and delivery times. Our database provides you immediate access the best available prices from franchise distributors worldwide. We have an experienced purchasing staff dedicated to working on your (BOM) bill of material, and we will work around the clock to beat your current franchise pricing. We look forward to bidding on your next project, so put our purchasing staff to the test.

Please click the link below to download your (BOM) bill of material list and e-mail back to Our sales staff will contact you to discuss and we will send you back our best quotes as soon as possible!


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