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Excess inventory management

Empire Components manages and purchases excess electronic components. We know excess inventory is a major headache and you need a solution. Our experienced staff and strong financial base offer the best options of getting excess inventory off your books and out of your warehouse. Our goal is to help you free up capital and better utilize your overhead and resources. Empire has developed many effective options to help you manager and dispose of your surplus electronic components. Whether you have a large list of materials or individual line items for sale, we can help. Our solutions include excess inventory management, purchasing and consignment options. Empire has assisted OEM's and CM's worldwide by helping them find the most effective way of managing and disposing of their excess electronic components. We look forward to working with you soon and here is how we get started.

Please click the link below to download your excess inventory list and e-mail back to Our purchasing staff will contact you to discuss the many options we offer to best solve your excess inventory needs.

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